About Us


Dear Morphett , welcome to your new colourful online wardrobe.

Morphe is the brainchild of South African fashion designer, Marize Malan. This unique women's clothing label focusses on ready-to-wear items for all ages. Marize is a passionate supporter of proudly South African movements like WOZA (wear only South African), Fashion Rev and Buy ZA Shop ZA.

Morphé means "to transform outwardly."

Marize completed her studies in 2005 at The Design School of Southern Africa in Johannesburg. She started working on her own label in 2006, and gained valuable experience while working with brands like Woolworths, Joe Soap, YDE label Didi, Sway Textiles and then opened a store in Maboneng precinct with Loin Cloth and Ashes and there after a store at the Work Shop Newtwon and a pop up space in 27 boxes Mellville. Marize also won the Elle New Talent competition in 2009 after being a finalist in 2008. This allowed her to design a limited edition range for retailer Mr Price and accompany them on a buying trip in London, UK.

With over a decade of experience, Marize has great understanding of product development and valuable insight into the role that young South African designers play in the development of the local fashion industry.

Morphe has a strong signature style and feel. The label offers garments that can easily be incorporated with an existing wardrobe. Layering and interaction between the wearer and the garment is encouraged by items often being able to be worn in more than one way. This outward  transformation allows you to embrace your own individual style and persionality with a distinct, ready-to-wear label.

Morphe places great emphasis on designing items that cross over sizes to reduce fabric wastage. The label aims to design items that are timeless and stylish, but most importantly, clothing that will morph with you throughout any season. Many Morphe garments are one-size-fits-most, offering you a loose and comfortable fit.

Wearing Morphe is like playing dress-up. It brings out your playful edge, creating an excitement for changing colours and textures. Clothing that celebrates being alive!